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'Just a minute...' from Chairman Hazel Willard
October 2017
It was nearly a full house at our General meeting with 140 members attending the event. Brendan Gibb - Gray was our popular speaker who gave us an insight into how methods of policing have changed since the investigations into the serial murderer Peter Sutcliff. Alan Borrow followed after tea with a talk on his experiences in Portugal - another lively and well received speaker.
Thanks once again to our 'meeters and greeters' John and Joan Harvey and to those members who kindly helped the Discussion groups (who were down on numbers) with the teas. Also thanks to members who helped the Committee with setting up and putting away tables and chairs in the hall. Keith Davies and Richard Swaine did a great job with the audio equipment in Jeff Thatcher's absence.
Contacting members electronically The Christmas lunch is now fully booked and a waiting list has been set up. Thanks to Marguerita Taplin for sending out notices of events to members via 'Mailchimp' which she is operating for us. Please don't respond directly to Marguerita if you have a query but to Keith Davies who is our Committee contact on: or to the contact on the notice if there is one.
Newsletters were distributed at the meeting and a big thank you to Barbara Davies for labelling and sorting them alphabetically into street names. Hopefully, this will be the last Newsletter you receive in this way as they will be sent out electronically next time - [apart from those members who are not on email and who will still receive a hard copy.) This Newsletter was Maggie Linnell's first as our new editor and she did a great job, ably assisted by Alan Borrow.
Requests for help - auditor and webmaster I am pleased that three members offered to assist our Treasurer John Blaber with auditing our accounts. However, we still need a new webmaster to replace Dave McVitie . One member has volunteered, but as he is away for several months in the winter, we need another person to assist him. Dave is willing to guide new webmasters in the months leading up to the AGM and says that the web site designs are preset by software. Apparently, if you can write and send an email you can maintain the web site even if you are inexperienced! Sadly, if we don't find a new webmaster, then our website will have to close down, leaving us the only U3A in the area without a website - how sad. We now have over 430 members - surely there is someone out there who can help us?


23 November
Peter Goldfarb
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Set-up and refreshments:


From Christmas this web site will change to utilise the U3A SITEBUILDER software. This means that each group will become responsible for editing their group's entry on the web site. There will also be an editor for the Ems Valley U3A information.
Click here to see the prototype web site. This site is not yet "live".
There will be no "webmaster" to edit pages. Instead we will have a Site Administrator who will keep an eye on the web site ensuring editors obey the rules.
The current webmaster will remain as administrator until the 2018 AGM. After that someone else will have to take over. If you are interested in becoming web site administrator please contact Hazel.
We are already running test pages for the new site and several group leaders/coordinators have been very helpful in trialling the system. The system is easy to use, if you can send an email you can edit your web page. As it is all "on-line" it can be edited from anywhere in the world, so you can edit the web site whilst on the beach.
This YouTubevideo I have made, shows you how easy it will be to edit your Group page

You need your sound turned ON and it is best in FULL SCREEN (click the square in the bottom r/h corner when the video is runng.
All groups will be contacted just before Christmas with information on how to edit their page and their unique username. If you want to know sooner CONTACT the webmaster.

You must be a member of Ems Valley U3A to join a group. Ask about membership by clicking HERE.
A full list of Groups, their vacancies and how to join are on the Groups page CLICK HERE to find out how.

You will be contacted by the current webmaster during December with the username and password for you to have access to the new web site. You can pass this information on to someone else in your group if you want them to be the editor for your Group's page on the new web site. EMAIL THE WEBMASTER