Web Site Policy/Terms & Conditions

The Ems Valley U3A Web Site is created and managed by a volunteer webmaster who promises to do his best to include anything that is sent to him as soon as he can get round to it.
There is no restriction on the content other than it should be relevant to the U3A or one of it's groups and it must not be of a commercial nature, that is NO ADVERTISING. Obviously it must also be legal and non-confrontational.
Information for inclusion on the web site should be emailed to the Webmaster OR webmaster@emsvalleyu3a.org.uk
The webmaster may refer anything sent for inclusion on the web site to the Chairman and/or the Committee for their approval. If he does he will advise the sender of the information.
If any names, email addresses, phone numbers or other personal information are included in anything sent for inclusion on the web site it will be assumed that permission has been obtained from the person(s) mentioned and that the data is for publication.
We are unable to advertise events organised by other people, associations, clubs or societies that do not have a direct connecton to a U3A group or the the Ems Valley U3A on this web site.
The web site is constantly being updated with news of events and group activities. It is recommended that you check back regularly and remember to REFRESH (F5) your browser to ensure you view the latest version of any pages.

Any photographs, graphics, logos, symbols or anything else of a similar nature sent for inclusion must be free from any copyright restrictions. It is the responsibility of the person supplying such items to insure that they are copyright free and not that of the Webmaster.
Information that contains future dates will be removed as soon as that date expires, or very soon after.
The Webmaster reserves the right to remove anything that he considers out of date. Wherever possible he will warn the author of the information in case they wish to update it.
The format, layout, colour scheme, size and length of anything on the web site is at the editorial discretion of the Webmaster. If you have a specific need or requirement for a certain style or layout it may be possible to include it. Please ask first.
This web site is copyright Ems Valley U3A. All data, information, graphics, photos etc. etc., by inclusion on this web site, become the property of the Ems Valley U3A and may not be copied or reproduced in any way at all without the express permission of the Ems Valley U3A.
Whilst every reasonable care has been taken in ensuring the acuracy of information on this web site, the web site is posted for information only and may be updated, altered or amended at any time. All the information published is of an advisory nature only. Neither the webmaster nor the Ems Valley U3A can be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by actions taken by anyone acting upon the information given on this web site. Before participating in any event or with any group you should check with the coordinator/leader/organiser that all the information published here is correct and has not been changed since publication.