Downloadable Documents

On this page are links to documents that members, or anyone else, may wish to read and/or download. Just click on any file.

Trustees Report on the year 2013/2014

Chairman's Report on 2014 to AGM


Rota for monthly meetings

Tides Summary


Trustees Report on the year 2014/2015

Chairman's Report on 2015 to AGM


Trustees Report on the year 2015/2016

Chairman's Report on 2016 to AGM

Minutes of 2017 AGM

Most modern devices can read PDF files. However if you need Acrobat Reader (or a similar PDF reader) to open these documents it is freely available on the internet. You can download Acrobat Reader here free of charge. Whilst this link is to a reputable source we can accept no responsibility for software downloaded from independent sources. We suggest you carefully read the download screen and untick other options so that you only download Acrobat Reader. IT IS FREE - there is absolutely no reason you should have to pay for Acrobat Reader.

Other PDF readers are available - follow this link.